Canes Slip Past Caps

Just as the title says. The Caps took it to OT, and then had another defensive breakdown and the Canes scored. It’s a real shame that Carolina has no shot at the playoffs, because they haven’t been sucking recently.

Meanwhile, the Caps earned a much needed point (However, they needed two points ever more than one). They play Tampa on Thursday at home, and it actually is a must win. We mean it this time.

I’m putting it on Ovi, Laich, Sasha, Green, and Wideman to score and win these games for us. They must show up tomorrow against Tampa.

The Caps have 70 points in the Eastern Conference. As we’ve said before, this beautiful season for the Caps is destined for 8th in the Eastern Conference, which will require about 92 points. That means 11 wins out of the last 16 games. It can be done.

-Poke Czech

Two Canes players have sex on the ice, while Perreualt skates by.

Don't we want that kid's dad to re-adopt him?

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