Is @TheHornGuy Considering Not Renewing His Season Tickets?

I know what you’re thinking: Is this true? It quite possibly could be. The Horn Guy has been showing his frustration through his Twitter and his lack of horn-usage recently (Not to mention his failure to RT me), and one has to wonder: is this the end of the road for The Horn Guy and the Capitals platonic relationship? I’m starting to think so. And where does this all begin? By not renewing his season tickets.

So let’s just assume that The Horn Guy is a Carolina Hurricanes fan next year. Is he going to paint his horn and move to Carolina? No, he’ll just go to the Canes games at the Verizon Center – with his horn. Now you’re probably saying right now, “But why would he leave the Caps for a worse team, like the Canes?” Only he can provide the answer, which in a way, he already did. Look at the picture below.

This sounds like public support for the Canes to me.

As you can see above, he went to Twitter to openly voice his praise for the Canes being able to beat better teams than them. Now, I’m as shocked as you that the Horn Guy is gone. But all hope is not lost. We can find a new horn guy – one that won’t give up on the best team to ever exist.

And don’t even get me started on the things that he said to our beloved @tomasvokoun29 and @BadSasha28.  I won’t comment on them, but have a look for yourself.

Where I come from, we don't bash our own players, unless they are named Alex Semin or Mike Green.

Since you insist, I will comment on the photo. @TheHornGuy not only told @tomasvokoun29 that he is not a good goalie (which we all know is a lie), he also made fun of his comedic performance! Wow! Then on his most recent hate tweet, he mentions that he’s given up on the Caps completely. *Shakes head* So long, Sam, so long.

I’ll leave all of you to decide whether or not @TheHornGuy should be re-admitted to the Caps fan base, but when he blocks a Capitals blog from contacting him on Twitter, I start to think he is a Penguins fan. Yes, that is correct, The Horn Guy blocked your favorite blog: Poke Czech. Here is the proof:

The coward's move: Blocking someone instead of defending yourself.

So in conclusion, @TheHornGuy needs to apologize for what he has said, openly admit that his horn abilities have slipped, and stop buying Eric Staal and Sidney Crosby gear.

-Poke Czech

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