Tampa Bay? More like Tampa Gay. Caps win 3-2 in OT.

The Capitals are on a game point streak. They have earned 3 points in the last two games. Yes, in consecutive games. Don’t act so surprised. Okay, once you calm down, let’s recap what happened in tonight’s game.

First off, Aucoin told Tampa to hop off our jocks by deflecting a puck and then angling it in off his skate. And the best part about it was that it was completely unintentional. Good work, Aucoin.

Then Tampa scored or something.

Then John Carlson scored for the Tampa Gay Bolts. “I like to be involved in the headlines after the game,” John said in a monotone voice, “and scoring on Vokoun seemed like the easiest way.”

With about 4 minutes to go in the 3rd period, the Capitals started to actually try, and then Marcus Johannson scored a goal on a magnificent play that he created. He’s the best.

*Cue dramatic music*

Overtime. The Capitals have been struggling for months. Tampa Gay sucks. Ovechkin is in the zone with Orlov and Jason Chimera. Chimmer passes to Orlov. Orlov passes to Ovi. Ovi shoots – scores! Goal. Caps win 3-2 and Ovi increases his franchise record to 12 OT career goals. “Coach give us hard time… and then we win,” Ovi had to say. He’s right. I wouldn’t want to be in a locker room with a bunch of angry hockey players that has Dale Hunter yelling at them. Or maybe I would. The point is: We won. And it’s all because of Dale Hunter, Alex Ovechkin, and I’m sure Sasha Semin had something to do with it. And maybe Vokoun too.

So as you can tell, Steven Stamkos wasn’t really involved tonight except for an assist and some missed opportunities. Sounds about right.

Ovechkin scored his franchise record 12th overtime goal tonight. Something about OT makes Ovi return to his former self for some reason. Hmmm...

Worth Noting:

– Karl Alzner and Matt Hendricks played their 200th career games tonight. Here’s to 200 more! But in all seriousness, Matt, either start producing or fight every game.

– Tomas Vokoun was solid, as usual. He let in two goals, but neither can really be blamed on him as they came on the penalty kill.

– Oh, and that’s another thing: the Caps’ penalty kill sucked tonight.

– Steven Stamkos continued to have long hair. Someone needs to tell this guy that he’s not Wayne Gretzky, so he should stop trying to look like him.

– Florida lost. 5-0 to the Flyers. They have been shut out 4 times in the last month. What is going on with the Southeast Division? All of the teams are struggling.

– Mike Green might have given a concussion to Brent Connolly. He probably won’t be suspended either (Wooohooo), even though every one is whining saying that he will.

– I don’t care what the Knuble Knights have to say; Aucoin is an upgrade over Knuble. Plus, they won’t follow me on Twitter.

– Guy Boucher was obviously wearing make up to cover his scar tonight. I will find out how that scar formed – I will. But more on that tomorrow.

– “It’s a big win,” Caps coach Dale Hunter said. “Every game is like a playoff game right now. It was a playoff game out there. This is what usually happens in playoffs, we take it to overtime. And we don’t usually go farther than the second round. I’m saying you should expect us to lose Saturday.”

– “It’s disappointing from where we were,” coach Guy Boucher said, “but you come in here and get a point, it’s not supposed to be disappointing. Just a dumb play that last one. We talk about it all the time. That puck has to get out on the board. We have one, two, three, four chances to get it out and then it’s in the middle and we’re right there … It’s young guys and they’re going to learn, but it’s okay, because we didn’t expect to win, nor did anyone expect us to. I’m putting my team in a hotel for their upcoming home games. And stop asking about my scar.”


Sasha didn't score tonight, however, he did come on to Mike Green.

Good night, all.

– Poke Czech

P.S. We were the underdogs this evening.


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