Caps Chip Away the Sucky Ice. Win 4-3.

The Capitals went to Boston and you could say that the Boston Massacre happened for a second time this afternoon. “We sucked. Chara, Boydchuk and Thomas all were terrible this afternoon, and frankly I would trade them if the trade deadline hadn’t passed and I was the GM,” Claude Julian said as he threw a chair at a reporter.
Despite being the best to ever exist, the Caps only beat Boston by one goal. However, that one goal was the best goal to ever be scored, so it all works out. Jay Beagle doubled his score total for the entire season tonight with his 2nd goal of the campaign. This guy should get the Hart trophy.
“I played good and I’m the best person in DC,” Vokoun said post-game, “And it makes sense that I would beat Boston.” John Carlson declined a long interview. He was sulking in his locker, obviously showing remorse for kicking Vokoun in the testicles last weekend. “I feel bad that I did that. I didn’t at first, but then Neuvy made us lose those 3 games so I feel bad about it,” he said while wiping away tears. It’s okay, John, we forgive you. Vokoun doesn’t want to have kids anyway.
-Alex Semin started the scoring off tonight by picking up a lucky rebound off of Timothy Thomas.
-Matt Hendricks scored a few moments later as well. Bad Saturday for Thomas, and it wasn’t over yet.
-The Bruins then scored.
-Then they scored again.
-But all of a sudden, Jay Beagle was angry. That type of angry that makes you score a rare goal. A rare goal set up by Semin.
-But that wasn’t it. Brooks Laich brought the Caps powerplay back to life by scoring on it. Woohoo
-Then the Bruins made it look closer than it was (Much like @JackHussar does in NHL 12 all the time).
-The period ended, and the Caps hopped on an airplane to the best city in the world to face the Toronto Maple Leafs tomorrow at 5.

Worth Noting:
-Knuble tore it up this afternoon with 0 points, 0 shots and 0 PIMS. He had 11:26 TOI. Looks like the #FreeKnuble campaign is worth it.
-Hamrlik got into the lineup this afternoon and likely for two more games. He probably won’t play again this season after that unless someone gets injured.
-Halpern sat out. No jokes about this. This sucks.
-Zdeno Chara broke the glass with Mojo’s face.
-The ice sucked.
-The President Obama curse continues as the Bruins continue to struggle since meeting him. Tim Thomas isn’t struggling though.

“I just want to win, and that fucking Obuma has screwed us over this season,” Julian had to say, “It’s all his fault.”

President Obama has declined to comment.

-Poke Czech

Tim Thomas looks down as Matt Hendricks tells him to move aside.

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