Winter is Here for Toronto. Caps win 2-0.

With this loss, the Gay-ole Leafs playoff chances are virtually impossible. They are maxing out at a potential of 94 points, which is convenient, because most people believe it will take 90-94 points to get into the playoffs. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Toronto is going undefeated from here on out. The Capitals on the other hand, could earn 102 points. However, it’s more reasonable to think 94 points. “I’m fucking pissed,” Randy Carlyle said, “I lost my job this year in Anaheim and now I’m not making the playoffs in Toronto. This sucks.”
“I’m just glad to play hockey,” Phil Kessel said in his post-game interview.
-Alex Semin earned a penalty, which Brooks Laich scored shorthanded on. Nice setup, Sasha.
-Then everything was quiet until the third, when Perreault decided to score his 12th of the season. Sasha earned an assist on this. I’m glad to see him being involved in goals recently.
-Toronto didn’t score. Phil Kessel probably won’t be scoring tonight with any women as well.
-Then the Caps won. 2-0. Woohoo!

Worth Noting:
-Some homosexual (Garrioch) said that Sasha won’t be in the NHL next season. However, he was obviously entertaining a male lover as he wrote this, because his argument for it was pretty baseless. Read the terrible article here.
-Brooks Laich scored the first non-Chimera Caps shorthanded goal of the season.
-The Horn Guy still has not re-earned my respect. Nice to see that he shows up once the Caps are good again though. Can’t believe the Caps put this guy in commercials.
-However, The Goat is awesome.
-Johannson missed the finisher at 2:42 to go in the third. We won regardless, though.
-“A heck of a game by Semin,” says Craig Laughlin. I agree.
-Michal Neuvirth had a shutout – for his 100th career game! Congrats, Michal!
-What a great game.
-What a great way to end the Leafs’ season as well.

“Fuck,” Dion Phaneuf screamed at the end of the third, “Fuck.”

-Poke Czech

That’s so nice of Dion Phaneuf.

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