Detroit Is Silenced Again – Caps win 5-3

What is it about the Capitals that makes the Red Wings shrivel up and surrender? Mike Babcock seems to think it’s Pavel Datsyuk. “Yeah, he sucks. I wish he wasn’t on our team, but he is, so we have to make do.”

Whoa, that’s a crazy remark by Mike Babcock. If the Caps had Pavel Datsyuk on our team, we’d be ten times better. Obviously, Babcock doesn’t agree.

Anyway, the Caps dominated Detroit in Detroit tonight. It’s almost like the Caps were Toyota and Detroit was Chevrolet. The Caps came in, destroyed them, and Detroit just took it. In the end, we bailed them out a little bit too. So the Caps are the US Government and Toyota in this scenario. However, considering Chevrolet is owned by the US gov’t, you could say the Caps own the Red Wings. You get what I’m saying? Good.

“I’m so angry,” said Joel Ward, leader of the #FreeJoelWard campaign, “I wanted to play in Detroit so bad. Dale Hunter really angers me sometimes. As long as I play in the playoffs, I’m good, because that’s the only time I produce.”

-Ovi scored twice – he’s… Back? Nope, you’re wrong – he never left.
-Knuble scored. Good thing he’s playing instead of the Black Machine who doesn’t score.
-Aucoin (or Little Knuble, as I call him) scored as well. He’s pretty great.
-Then Jason Chimera had an amazing dump into the empty net in what really won the game for the Caps. He’s probably the MVP for tonight.
-The Red Wings scored like 3 goals or something.

Worth Noting:
-Holtby got the start, and spread his suck. “I like bringing my team down, especially in big games. I’m really bad at rebounding, which probably explains why I gave up 2 weak goals tonight. Neuvirth should have played. He would’ve only given up 1 goal.”
-Ovi scored his 32nd goal of the season – 32…. Where have I heard that number before? Oh, that’s right. Ovi had 32 goals last season. He hit last season’s mark tonight. I think he’ll end around 39-40 goals for the season.
-Neuvirth and Vokoun were seen drinking together in the locker room before the game. Neuvirth backed up, while Vokoun went sightseeing. It’s good he’s exploring our country.
-The #FreeJoelWard campaign kicked off tonight, because we need the guy who doesn’t score or do anything else, back in our lineup.

Here’s a meme to enlighten your night:

Ovi likes to score the big goals.

-Poke Czech

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