Ovechkin Falls to Smelly Team in Filthadelphia. Caps Get Point – 2-1.

It all started and ended within 30 seconds for the Caps tonight. Ovechkin showed up to play – and score. Holtby blew the game, twice. Not a surprise though, because, as we all know, he sucks. Neuvirth is much better.


-Ovechkin scored. His 33rd of the season, and he isn’t stopping until he passes Scott Hartnell in goals (35 goals).

-Holtby ruined the game twice. He completely failed on a breakaway, and sucked in the shootout on the winning goal. Who brought this thing up from Hershey?

-Dennis Wideman can be blamed too. He’s a bad skater.


Worth Noting:

-The Caps chances of winning the SE division are as slim as they have ever been now.

-Alexander Semin and Tomas Vokoun were out of the lineup tonight due to sore testicles sustained from a collision with John Carlson’s fist. “Yeah, I know Sasha scores in Philly a lot, but he really angered me yesterday morning so I figured I’d break his balls. Tomas Vokoun is still hurt as well. Don’t mess with Johnny C,” said Carlson post game.

-Ovechkin is the man right now. 6 goals in the last 5 games for him – WOWZA!

-Holtby should be sent down, but he won’t be, because Vokoun’s balls still hurt.

-The Caps earned a point. That’s the only positive from this game.


“You know, I thought we, you know, played a good game. You know, Holtby sucks, and I expect more out of him, but, you know, he’s a fighter, and he’ll recoup for tomorrow if he plays.” Dale Hunter said when asked how he thought Holtby played.

“I think we play hard, but Holts really break my balls tonight by letting in goal. He suck. I will never use shaving cream to pie his face.” Ovechkin said in his post game, furious-filled rant.

“I wish I could play. My balls hurt too much though. John Carlson is jerk.” Sasha Semin yelled from the press box during the 4th round of the shootout.


Suckby played bad in net tonight. I'm glad Mike Green called him out.


Good night, and see you tomorrow against the Winnisuck Jets.

-Poke Czech

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