Caps Knock Down Tim Thomas – Win 3-2

The title says it all. The Caps skated up to Thomas, faked a shot, he fell pathetically and the rest is history. He also fell in the tunnel, but more on that later.

“I don’t believe in the Obama curse,” said Timothy Thomas. “Mainly because he sucks, which is why I didn’t want to meet him. Didn’t want to run off on me, but then again, Barack sucks. I have no idea what I am saying.”


-The first and second period basically didn’t exist.

-Wideman scored the Caps first goal – assisted by Ovi.

-Mojo-Jojo scored the second Caps goal on a beautiful pass from Ovi.

-Then the Bruins tied it.

-Tim Thomas fell “on his butt.”

-Caps win.

-Tim Thomas falls again. We blame Tuuka Rask and Zdeno Chara.


Worth Noting:

-Tomas Vokoun reinjured his balls.

-Ovi had two points.

-Tim Thomas strained his butt or something.

-The Obama Curse lives on — Tim Thomas has not beat the Caps in Boston since refusing to meet President Obama.

Obama Curse: Anyone who refuses to meet Obama, is named Tim, and plays for Boston, will not win at home against Washington as long as they are a goalie. Switching positions voids the curse.

-Poke Czech





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