Caps Shove a Broom Down Canada’s Throat

The score was 3-2. The second time in two games that Washington has won in a shootout by the score of 3-2.
“I couldn’t decide who to start tonight, so I asked Ovi,” says Coach Hunter.
“I tell him start Neuvy or go fuck himself,” says Ovi.

-Matt Perreault started out the scoring on a magnificent pass from Sasha Semin.
-Then Jay Beagle decided to convert Montreal from Buddhism by scoring a second goal.
-Then Montreal tied it.
-It went to the shootout.
-Hendricks scored.
-Canadiens did not.
-Sasha scored. He’s the man.

“I like be the best on ice in shootout.” says Semin. “It good feeling to be wanted by Caps fan.”

Worth Noting:
-Neuvirth was the man tonight, stopping 38 of 40 shots. An article to come about why having Holtby in DC makes Neuvy play better
-The Buddha desires to win, which is why he isn’t winning.
-The Caps are now 2 points ahead of Buffalo for the 8th seed, and two points behind Florida for the SE division (who we play later this week).
-Feels great to be a Caps fan tonight.
-Backstrom came back, and he was pretty good.

On another note, failed. They said Ovi scored in the shootout, when Hendricks was the one who scored. If you check now, it’s been corrected, but us here at Poke Czech know the truth.


-Poke Czech

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