Florida Panthers Finally Get A Mascot Or Replace Their Old One

Nobody really knows for sure if the Florida Panthers have a mascot or not. However, most of the NHL world wouldn’t even know that the Florida Panthers even existed, if it wasn’t for them being in the same division as the magnificent Washington Capitals. You could say that the Caps put the Pants on the map. So regardless of who wins the SE division, it’s like the Caps won it no matter what in a way.

Anyway, here is the new mascot officially released from the Panthers tonight. They seem to be making a reference to tying the record for most OTL since the lockout. What an accomplishment.

The Panthers have decided to make an obese girl their new mascot. It's main feature is its crying into its "paw," which is a unique feature of the Panthers, who are usually crying post game.

On a side note, the Caps take on the Florida Pussy Cats on Thursday night at the Verizon Center. Make sure to #BelieveRed, Caps fans.


Oh, and by the way, let’s steal all of Florida’s hashtags they use, considering they were inspired by us in the first place.


-Poke Czech

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