Michal Neuvirth Is The Caps’ Future…

…As long as he’s backed up by Holtby. I know. It’s crazy talk. Braden Holtby sucks so much, and Michal Neuvirth is a god, so why should Holtby even be involved? Here’s my theory:

-Michal Neuvirth gladly concedes the starting goaltender position to Tomas Vokoun, because he respects him and realizes that Vokoun is better than him. As a result, Neuvirth isn’t fighting for the starting role and he’s not playing as well.

-Braden Holtby sucks, and Michal Neuvirth knows this. There’s no way that Neuvirth is going to step out of the way for Holtby, a younger, less experienced goaler to come into DC, and steal his roster spot. Neuvirth won’t allow it.

-As a result, Neuvirth rises to the occasion and steps up. As the last few games show, Neuvirth is playing pretty good. He’s obviously the guy we need going into the postseason, if Vokoun doesn’t come back.

So here’s what I’m thinking: Michal Neuvirth can be an effective goaler, as long as he is fighting for the starting role. Obviously, he looks up to Vokoun and regards him as the much better goaler, but Braden Holtby sucks in Neuvirth’s eyes (and rightfully so). As long as Holtby is in DC, Neuvirth will play good.

This theory can be reinforced by last season as well, when Neuvirth was battling for the starting role with Semyon Varlamov (who, by the way, is getting us a pretty well positioned pick in the draft next year).

“I like playing good, you know.” says Neuvirth. “I won’t let Suckby take my starting goaler position.”


-Poke Czech

  1. nobody blames will hussar for these injuries.

    • chase chang
    • July 12th, 2012

    you are an idiot I love Holtby and he is my idol. He did great in the postseason better than Neuvirth. He is the one that sucks.

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