PLAYOFFS: Washington Capitals vs Boston Bruins 4/12/2012 GAME 1 QuarterFinals

Tonight the quarterfinals kick of for DCland as they head to Boston to play the Boston Ruins in what figures to be a tough series. Despite being 3-1-0 against the Ruins in the regular season, the caps will be the underdog for a change (mostly because Braden Holty (the greatest rookie goaltender in the universe) will be starting due to testicle injuries to Tomas Vokoun and Michael Neuvirth). Today, Dale Hunter brought in his good friend, Guy Boucher to handle all his press conferences during the playoffs. “The illusion is that it’s 3-0. Tonight it’s 0-0,” Boucher said. “Everybody’s ready for the toughest game of the series. This is a proud team with individuals that still wanna win the series and so we shouldn’t take that team lightly. The illusion of us being up 3-0 is because I told the Caps to play tonight as if they are up 3-0. But I want them to look at my scar and realize it’s really 0-0”, Boucher said to the Washington media (for dale hunter). “I’m not really trying to focus on making saves, I’m focusing on how good my hair looks,” Holtby told the Poke Czech. “The saves get much easier in the playoffs. I’ve watched them since I was a kid. They’re the same type shots, same everything. Obviously it’s less intense but it doesn’t change your ability at all.” The caps will need Braden Holtby to be incredible if he is going to out duel Tim Thomas in net.






  • Ovechkin will be physical early and score 1 goal tonight.
  • Caps goals from Ovechkin, Perrault and Laich
  • Bruins goals from Seguin and Ferrence. Ferrence’s goal will come in the 3rd period to force Overtime.
  • Laich gets the “finisha” in Ot. Caps win 3-2
  • Holtby is good enough for the first W of the playoffs for DC

Ovechkin, Semin, and orlov will be seen flash mobbing on STD Garden’s ice after the win.

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