Wideman Blows Chance to Take Early Series Lead

Despite shutting down Boston for nearly all of the game, Boston won 1-0. It was close, and it proves that this series should be a good one.

“I’m so fucking pissed at myself,” said Caps goaltender, Braden Holtby, “I could have stopped that fucking shot. I’m going to get drunk tonight, reflect on my game tomorrow and improve for Saturday.”



-Nothing happened until OT.

-Ovi had a great chance.

-Then the Bruins had a semi-breakaway (Thanks to Wideman) and capitalized. I guess they really do want him to “get the fuck out of the city.”


Worth Noting:

-Despite the refs best efforts, the game was close.

-Boston had 10 minutes of questionable powerplay time.

-Washington had six minutes of powerplay time, and should have had more.

-The Bruins got away with a lot of cheap stuff, like the hit from behind on Chimera after a play. But I digress.



Tim Thomas attempts to seduce Braden Holtby.

Remember, Caps fans, it’s a long series. And if Tim Thomas is distracted by Holtby’s haircut, it could work in our favor.


Game 2 is on Saturday at 3:00 in Boston.

-Poke Czech

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