Caps to Face Rangers…… Déjà Vu.

The Rangers eliminated the frightening Ottawa Senators this evening to eliminate Canada from the playoffs and set up the Caps second round series. New York Rangers versus Washington Capitals. Now forgive me if I’m incorrect, but haven’t we seen this already? And haven’t the Caps ended the Rangers season two out of the last three years (excluding this year)?


Are we still louder?

Does MSG still suck?

Will Jason take Manhattan again?

Will Sasha continue to be the man?

Braden Holtby. We have no questions.

Will Ovi produce?

All of these questions and more will be answered in a matter of days.



-Expect all of the “experts” to pick the Rangers over the Caps, however, didn’t they pick the Bruins over the Caps also? In fact, the Caps were projected to be swept. Weird.

-This will most likely be a tough series. The Poke Czech official simulation will be up soon.

“We’re ready to be beaten. We’ve accepted it,” Ryan Callahan of the Rangers said, “We just can’t beat the Caps and we need to make peace with that.” Ryan Callahan is getting ahead of himself. This will be a tough series, no matter what he thinks, and there’s no clear winner – in fact, you might say the Caps are “the underdogs.” (the last time the Caps were called the underdogs, they did this).

-Poke Czech

Alexander Semin celebrates doing something that pissed off the Rangers.

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