Joel Ward Gets It Done – Caps Take Series 4-3

“You know, I’m sorry for hitting you, bitch,” Tim Thomas, Bruins goalie and renowned Republican, said to Backstrom while shaking his hand, “Maybe if you were a man, I could hit you and get mad when you retaliate and then send my goons after you.”

Yes — it’s true. The Caps defeated the Big, Disgusting Bruins. And we predicted it, so anyone who doesn’t think this is a credible blog is now wrong and/or a Bruins fan.

“We got it fuckin’ done, ya know,” Dale Hunter said, “I told Ward that if he didn’t score, he was off the team. Simple as that.”

Despite being the huge underdogs in this series for no apparent reasons, the Caps came out victorious. And set records, but more on that later.

Worth Noting:

-Mike Knuble and Joel Ward don’t suck anymore – it’s the playoffs now.

-Matt Hendricks’ and his beard gave the Caps the early lead, which they blew. It didn’t matter though. We won.

-Braden Holtby was solid. To address rumors: I said he sucked because he was inconsistent, and at the time, he was inconsistent, so yeah.


Where's Thomas? We don't know, but two places he is not located at is the goaltending crease or the White House.

-Poke Czech

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