Philly Cheers Jayson Werth Injury, Flyers Eliminated Two Days Later

After Jayson Werth fell and broke possibly the best wrist in the National League, Nationals fans were shocked, confused and discouraged. However, Philadelphia found the time to criticize Werth claiming that “He had it coming.” Needless to say, Jayson Werth was pissed off. And I don’t blame him. First, the Phillies try to injure our beloved Bryce Harper, then they attack Werth by hitting a ball towards him. Regardless of the fact that this was Werth’s fault for getting injured, the taunting of the Philly fans is completely ridiculous, uncalled for and straight up Philly-like. Obviously, none of us are surprised that they made fun of an injury to a ball player – something that arguably no other sports city in the world would do. However, cheering an injury in any sport, in any city, in any situation is ridiculous and gutless. I don’t care which team it is, or who it happens to. Players risk injury every day in every sport, and when a player gets hurt, they should expect the fans to be concerned, not cheering.

And then karma struck. We all saw it coming, but we just didn’t know when. The Philadelphia Flyers were eliminated from the NHL postseason this evening at the hands of the New Jersey Satanists. The score was 4-1, the same score of the series. It could be argued that if Phillies fans had not mocked Jayson Werth, the Flyers would have made the 3-1 series comeback. However, because of some idiotic Philly fans in DC the other day, we’ll never know.


Here’s what I’m trying to say: It’s all your fault, Philly. Don’t cheer for our Jayson Werth to get hurt, or we’ll send New Jersey after you.


On a side note, if the Caps make the series comeback in the next few days, we’d face the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals. If New York wins, they will face the Devils. This should be a good week if the Caps can force a Game 7.


Game 6 is in Washington DC on Wednesday night. Be as loud as possible, because if I recall correctly, we’re louder or something.

Jayson Werth makes good on his promise to end Broad Street Celebrations by ending the Flyers season tonight. He is Werth it!

  1. June 5th, 2012

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