Dale Hunter, Bruins, Concussions, and Underachieving.

For the first seven games of this season, the Caps looked like this might be their year. Then the Caps got lit up, didn’t score and the “fat fuck” got fired.

Enter Dale Hunter. He turned the team around.

Our dear, dear Nicklas Backstrom fell to a concussion in January at the hands of Renee Bourque, which is a girls name by the way. We got him back a couple games before we faced the big, disgusting Bruins.

Let’s not forget the Horn Guy being a bandwagon fan through a difficult month. He almost left us for Carolina.

The Horn Guy considered leaving Washington for Carolina.

Alex Semin made a music video about his love for DC and wanting to apologize for his bad penalties, which he significantly lowered immediately after his music video dropped.

Then Vokoun dropped a music video about his love for DC. Immediately after, he got hurt. We’ve moved on.

The Caps turn it around after a few nail biting months where we wondered if we’d even make the playoffs. Despite having high hopes for this year, the Caps finished in the seventh seed of the Eastern Conference.

Then Vokoun got hurt. Then Neuvirth got hurt. But our unexpected hero, Braden Holtby, emerged. He was pretty good.

We lost the division to a team that didn’t even win half of its games. That really stings.

We went to Boston, slayed the dragon (Chara) and then went to New York.

Despite New York being incapable of winning the cup, we gave them the win in a series that “We should have not lost,” says Karl Alzner. Arguably, we outplayed the Rangers. However, some weak goals, and lack of offensive production ended the season. And this feels like last year again.


-Knuble might have played his last game in the NHL tonight. If he comes back, I expect him to play for the Caps.

-Vokoun is probably going to go to a team that was a borderline contender this year. Or he might go to Columbus.


-Johannson was a playoff goat this season. He should start next year in Hershey to show him that his job is replaceable and he needs to produce to keep it.

-Hunter will return. Obviously.


-Holtby will probably take Vokoun’s spot in the goaltending duo. Neuvirth and Holtby will battle it out next season for the starting role, because “they’re battlers.”

-Ovechkin returns to form next season – We hope.

-Backstrom fully recovers from his concussion and has a great season next year.

-Mike Green gets resigned for three or four years. Let’s face it, the Caps need him. We really do.

-And finally: Sasha Semin gets re-signed, and comes back on a two or three year contract. And he deserves it, in my eyes.

This season was a failure, nothing more, nothing less. Beating the Bruins was great, but this is the same result as last year, except we’re a little more pleased, because of the disappointing regular season.

Hunter lied. He’s going home.

Moving on. The Nationals are a pretty good team, eh?

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