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Finally Found The Keys

Despite Gary Bettman’s best efforts to oppress Poke Czech by locking us out of our offices and hiding the keys, we have finally found them. Poke Czech is back.

You might have noticed that Poke Czech has been covering VCU Ice Hockey (@VCU_Hockey) during the lockout. The reasoning behind this is that college hockey is the 3rd or 4th best hockey there is. Behind the NHL, AHL, and CVYRHL, college hockey is the best there is. And the lovable Rams from Virginia Commonwealth have filled the void quite well. In their first ten games this season, The VCU Rams have managed a respectable record of 5-5 against a tough division. The Commonwealth Cup was one of these quality wins.

Gary Bettman is excited to cancel another season. He can't wait.

Gary Bettman is excited to cancel another season. He can’t wait.

As you can see, Bettman is exuberant to cancel another season. “I fucking hate hockey,” Bettman screamed to our reporter (@JackHussar), “I want to end this season and dissolve this league. Fuck you.” I know what you’re thinking, so I don’t even have to say it.

The cutoff for the new CBA to be agreed upon is January 11th, 2013. After that, the season will be cancelled, and Gary Bettman will sleep peacefully.

-Poke Czech