Rock Bottom? Caps Fall 4-1 to Smelly Canadian Hockey Team

For the third consecutive time this season, the Caps have lost by 2+ goals and have given up 4 or more goals. And if this isn’t rock bottom, then God help us, because I don’t know what is. Just like on Tuesday against another smelly Canadian hockey team, the Caps gave up 4 unanswered goals, otherwise known as shooting yourself in the dick.

The only Caps goal tonight was scored by Joseph Crabb.

Positives from the game tonight:

-Neuvirth looked good. On 3 of the 4 goals that were scored against him tonight, the Caps completely screwed him over. The only one he probably should have stopped was the weak goal from the point, and even still, the Caps defense allowed the Habs to screen him completely.

-Joseph Crabb had his first goal as a Caps player. Congrats.

-Jay Beagle looked good on the ice. He was driving to the net and getting good chances.

-Mike Green managed to break even on +/- despite the Caps being outscored by 3. Not bad, Mike. Now cut your hair and we’ll call it a night.

-@TheHornGuy went to the game, but from the way it turned out, I hardly even noticed. Pity.


-The Caps PK and Powerplay both were horrible again tonight. The only positive that comes to mind was Mike Green’s impressive dive to keep it in the zone on the PP.

-Ross Detwiler went to his first Capitals game tonight, something RG3 and Barack Obama, the popular black men of DC, have yet to do.

-The Capitals broke nearly every Caps’ fans heart tonight through their laziness and effort.

Start winning, Capitals, or the Hurricanes will snatch away bandwagon fans like @TheHornGuy.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

-Poke Czech

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