Mike Ribeiro Leading Team in Points, RMNB Isn’t Convinced He’s Good

This was in Russian Machine's game recap of Caps at Devils.

This was in Russian Machine’s game recap of Caps at Devils.

I have read a lot of stupid and bizarre stuff on Russian Machine Never Breaks, and I mean A LOT. However, this has to be the most stupid and most bizarre thing I’ve read on there! RMNB claims that they are just not sold on Mike Ribeiro, and that he isn’t helping Ovechkin like he’s supposed to. Well, maybe he isn’t helping Ovi, however, if you weren’t a complete fucking idiot, you could look at the stats and see that Ribeiro is leading the Washington Capitals not only in assists, but in points! With 1 goal and 3 assists through four games this season, Mike Ribeiro is the only Capitals player with 4 points this season so far. However, for some reason, RMNB has the audacity to say, “Not sold,” on Mike Ribeiro. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I suppose, even if it is dumb, but man, is this dumb or what?

I just don’t know. People say Russian Machine Never Breaks is a good blog, but I’m just not sold. It’s a good thing I wasn’t buying though.

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