Caps Slaughter Sabres to win 3-2

The Capitals have finally done it! They have won their first game of the season! Behind the goals of Joel Ward, Big Johnny Erskine and Alexander Ovechkin, as well as the brilliance of Michal Neuvirth, the Caps silenced the Buffalo Sabres and half of the state of New York.


-Michal Neuvirth – we just can’t say it enough. This guy has been great in all three games so far. Look for him to start against Ottawa on Tuesday. “I’m the fucking man,” Neuvy said, “And I always will be.”

-Joel Ward is now leading the team in goals with his third of the season. Not bad, Joel.

-The sniper, John Erskine, finally buried one. He’s played pretty well this season thus far.

-Like we said a few posts back, Alex Ovechkin on the PP has looked good so far, but he just couldn’t seem to get one in. Finally, that changed this afternoon when he demanded Ryan Miller to move and then deposited a goal into the net.

-CSN displayed my tweet on the screen during #CapitalsTalk in the third period. The Caps are 1-0 when CSN does this. Not a coincidence.

-An interesting coincidence – the Devils started 0-3-1 in the 1995 season that was only 48 games long. That year, they played the Sabres in their fifth game, won and then hoisted the cup later that year. Interesting.

-Also worth noting: Poke Czech reached out to Russian Machine Never Breaks on twitter asking for an apology for their remarks regarding Mike Ribeiro on Friday. RMNB issued no such apology, so please do remember this before reading their blog and thinking of them as credible journalists.

The Black Machine strikes with his third goal of the season!

The Black Machine strikes with his third goal of the season!

The Caps face off against Ottawa on Tuesday in Canada. We expect Neuvirth to start.

“It was a game,” Adam Oates said after the win, “It was a definitely a hockey game.”

-Poke Czech

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