Caps Drop The Ball – Fall 3-2

It was the same story tonight as it was against Ottawa on Tuesday: the Caps had the lead going into the third, allowed two goals and lost 3-2. It’s been a devastating week in Washington. “Yeah, you know, taking 8 fucking penalties makes me tired as hell, you know.” Neuvirth said after the game. “I wish Caps would play good around me because I’m best goaler in league right now, you know.”

-Ovechkin scored again tonight. It was beautiful.
-Joel Ward, Caps leading scorer, had a goal as well.
-Mike Ribeiro had two assists, making @RMNB look like a bitch once again. We’re still waiting on the apology.
-Neuvirth had 37 saves. He was phenomenal again. Will he be in between the pipes tomorrow night? That’s a good question – it’s a back to back and he had a lot of work tonight. I hope to see him in the net but we may see Holtby.


Ovechkin had a beautiful goal this evening.

The Caps take on the Filthadelphia Cryers tomorrow night, and we hope to see Ilya Bryzgalov in net. Things could go very well for us tomorrow. See ya on Friday.

-Poke Czech

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