Caps Devastate Bolts 4-3; Stamkos Comes Out of Closet

This game started out great for the Caps tonight. They went out and in the first few minutes, the Caps had taken a 1-0 lead thanks to Troy Brouwer! Unfortunately, the Tampa Gay Lightning then tied it up at 1 a piece thanks to some unknown player who plays in Florida. The first period ended in a tie.

The second period was great for the Caps. Eric Fehr scored a beautiful grinder’s goal off two great passes from the Frenchie (#85) and Joel Ward. They went into the third period leading 2-1.

The third period started out great, with the Caps expanding their lead to 4-1. However, with about 8 minutes left in the game, Tampa Gay scored and made it 4-2. Then, Tampa Gay scored again with about 4 minutes left. The score was then 4-3. But that’s all she wrote for Tampa Gay, because the Caps buckled down, told them to get off their ice at their home away from home, and skated off the ice with a win. It was beautiful. I’m pretty sure that somewhere Alex Semin smiled. Not because he likes the Caps, but because Carolina has a division lead and they’d like to expand it. Don’t get your hopes up. Semin did insist on burning his Caps equipment bag, after all.


-Eric Fehr deja vu! Just like in the 2011 Winter Classic (Sit down, Pens fans), Eric Fehr scored two beautiful goals.

-Perreault looked brilliant with his 3 assists. He needed a big game like this to get him going.

-Holtby tried to blow this game by allowing some cheesy goals in the third. Ovechkin promptly kicked him in the eye, and he got on top of his game for the last few minutes en route to a wonderful win.

-Tampa Gay is still called Tampa Gay.

-The Caps have their third win in a row, their fifth win of the season, they are no longer the worst team in the league. Woooo.

The Caps play on Sunday against the New York Power Rangers riding a three game winning streak.

-Poke Czech

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