Does @WillHussar Belong As CHS Captain?

Many have questioned Courtland High School’s decision to name @WillHussar as their captain of the Floor Hockey Team (@CHSHockeyClub) despite little to no experience in any form of Hockey whatsoever. This is very startling after seeing many other qualified members were turned down for no reasons given.

“I’m just very opposed to this decision. Look at all the previous hockey teams that Will has managed: Last year he never won the Will Cup (named after him) after having 8 chances and only 2 opponents for it, he was also 2-14 for the Wooden Chalice vs one opponent, and his team on NHL 13 (The Casual Body Builders) has been mediocre at best for the past two months. This decision makes no sense, he has a history of losing and leading from behind and now he’s going to do that with our hockey program” -an anonymous high school student at CHS.

“Will Hussar has questionable morals. He would be better suited being captain of the Baltimore Ravens.” @CronkInTheClub

“Will couldn’t lead a trip to Verizon Center and he smells really terrible. Seriously start bathing yourself, fool.”- Anonymous

“I take criticism just like I take positive feedback; I will apply it to my game and try to improve.” @WillHussar (Block Him).

“The people that decided this will regret it until they die. I’d rather have a blind player in a wheelchair leading this team than that jerk”- Anonymous

“Will hussar has not been captain of many things besides the CBB but we will see how he runs this club hopefully everything goes well” @FlyersEatCaps

“He is qualified to lead in a sport that is played in the special Olympics” @PaulHussar

“I must say Will does suck” Anonymous

“As captain of the Cheap Shot Artists, I have first hand knowledge of what it takes to be a captain. Will Hussar does not have enough heart to be captain of The Casual Body Builders, never mind CHS Hockey.” -Gordon Bongbay

Nobody seems to be too confident in @WillHussar to lead this hockey team (even he showed signs of being afraid). Some are predicting that Will must resign after the Teachers Vs Students game that is approaching. We’ll have to wait and see how this turns out but one would have to believe that the leash is very short.


This guy as captain?

    • Will Hussar
    • February 14th, 2013

    I agree with Bongbay, Will sucks.

    • @BarackObama
    • February 14th, 2013

    LOL at Will

    • Cookie Puss
    • February 14th, 2013

    Great read, very informative. Sounds like Will Hussar should stick to being equipment manager.

    • English Man
    • February 21st, 2013

    lol Will sucks

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