Ryan McNeil: No Longer an Elite Goalie?

Famous Ashland and CVRHL goalie, Ryan McNeil, started his goaltending career out with four straight championship seasons. Since then, he has been at the center of two heartbreaking playoff losses which have been unbearable to watch. With his last championship season occurring over 8 months ago, one has to wonder: is this the beginning of the end of Ryan McNeil’s days as an elite goaltender? Here are a few reasons to believe that might just be the case:


Difficulty Coping With Recent Losses
This photo above, which was sent in by an anonymous reader, shows McNeil sipping alcohol during his most recent playoff loss. Obviously, he has been drinking away his solid save percentage and goals against numbers. Maybe if he put down the beer, and picked up his glove, he could return to his former glory.


Lack of Dedication to Winning
I think this photo speaks for itself. Ryan’s lackluster production in net recently can almost be entirely attributed to his lack of motivation to winning. Simply sitting in the crease is not good enough.

He can not win without the Hussars
Every single one of Ryan McNeil’s championship rosters has included a member of the Hussar family. He is 1-2 in playoff games where he does not have a Hussar on his team. Simply put, he cannot win without the Hussar family. And where are the Hussars you ask? Jack is set to play for his 5th championship next Tuesday, and Will is seeking to win his 2nd after coming off an impressive rookie season. Hats off to those two.

We here at Poke Czech miss the highlight reel plays and SportsCenter Top Ten saves that we all have come used to seeing from Ryan McNeil. The Shelhorse Cup is to be played next week, and it features Ryan McNeil in it. The only question is: will he show up?

“Why would I? Nobody on my team showed up all season,” said Ryan, holding back tears, after tonights tough loss. This could potentially be the end of Ryan’s career at Ashland, and thus the end of an era. Although, to be fair, the era of McNeil’s success ended a long time ago.

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